Such a tease!

Welcome All

I hope you enjoy perusing my website and are tempted to enter my emporium of pleasure for indulgences which are focussed on your welbeing and enjoyment.  I have to admit I will enjoy too.

Perhaps you are enticed by a relaxing massage with an explosive hand induced happy ending which will be enhanced by the psychological element of denying your desire for me.   If you feel like testing your restraint further let me treat you to a delight tease and denial.  What can I say, I love nothing more than teasing a naked gentleman when he knows he must behave…

I should point out is that all the experiences I provide are passive, that means you don’t touch.  I will do more than enough touching for the two of us.  I will also flirtatious charm to put you fully at ease.  When you leave you will be smiling and sated and possibly a little shell shocked by the intensity of our dynamic.

Boundary pushers please just trot on by, don’t it, you won’t get your own way here, don’t take that as a challenge, you will simply be shown the door without a refund.

Lovely respectful gentlemen however, are guaranteed a wonderful interlude where your whole body will quiver under my touch.  You will feel my breath against your ear as I lean over you and whisper.  My clothing skimming your naked body, my touch leaving you tingling and wanting so much more…  Denial will take you to new heights that you have only previously been able to dream of.

Step out of your comfort zone and place yourself in my experienced and capable hands and let the fun begin.


Adele xxx