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Hampshire Sensual Massage


A little hint – being courteous and respectful gets a much better response.

I’m happy to see gents who:

  • are aged 35 and above. I do not have an upper age limit
  • for massage experiences are no more than 25 stone as that is the maximum weight my massage couch is designed for
  • are polite, respectful, reliable and organised and overall discreet
  • have read this website and fully understand what is and isn’t on offer and respect those boundaries. Just to clarify I do NOT offer: kissing; reciprocal touching; oral; reverse oral; or penetration but what I do offer is out of this world.
  • understand the etiquette of ringing to speak to me for their first contact. I find a first contact by text or WhatsApp so rude, clearly, I need to speak to you so we can get a feel of whether we are likely to get along and that there are no expectation gaps. I never answer calls from a landline number or from anyone who with-holds their number.
  • have the wherewithal to communicate the date, time and duration they wish to book/attend in their first communication
  • know which delight they which to share and communicate that to me in their first contact
  • have impeccable personal and oral hygiene
  • are honest disclosing any allergies, health or medical conditions so the massage may be tailored to their specific needs ensuring their well being. DO NOT book if you are suffering from anything contagious, that includes and not limited to warts and verrucas, colds, shingles etc.

To avoid any confusion, I DO NOT OFFER SEXUAL SERVICES beyond teasing, flirting and hand relief. Boundary pushes will immediately be shown the door without a refund.