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Teasing Delights

Sensual Massage Fareham HantsThose of you that know me know that I’m anything but run of the mill so here is a luscious teasing experience with a difference for you.

Bondage Chair Tease – 30 MINS, £80

You will submit to me for a delicious half hour of teasing while you are securely restrained to a chair and possibly blindfolded (the blindfold is optional if you enjoy visual over sensory deprivation). I will be dressed stylishly but beneath my outer layer of respectability you will catch a glimpse of my gorgeous lingerie and stockings. I will flaunt myself at you. You will feel me brush by you, I will drape myself across your body and slowly run my fingers across your body as I sit astride your lap leaning in close whispering in your ear.

You will desperately try to control yourself as I take your manhood in my hand and…

I’m good but not a miracle worker so if your stomach, when in an upright sitting position, prevents access to your manhood this isn’t for you.

Tie and Tease ~ 1 HOUR £140

I will show you into the bathroom to shower to ensure all areas smell soapy clean and then lead you naked into my comfortable gently lit comfortable boudoir. You may find yourself taking a sharp intake of breath as I produce leather cuffs and gently fasten them around your wrists. I will then encourage you to lay on the bed and proceed to secure you to the under bed restraints. You will feel vulnerable but more than a little excited as I then work my way to your ankles and also clip those to my bed.

Your heart is racing as I drape my self across you commencing with your tease, you feel the fabric of my attire brush against your skin and my gentle nibbles making you quiver with pleasure. Before I secure your blindfold (optional if you prefer visual) I will slip off my dress revealing my milky complexion encased in gorgeous lingerie. Take a good look as you will only be able to feel from now on.

Your body will arch and spasm as I tease you with my delicate touches. You will be aching to see with your desire becoming almost tangible. Your need for me will be heightened by the knowledge that you will be denied the ultimate prize of taking me. You will struggle to control yourself as your arousal takes over your being…

Kinky Tie and Tease ~ 1 HOUR, £140

For the gentleman who wants something a little different I would love to introduce you to a kinky sensual tie and tease while you are restrained to any manner of my dungeon furniture such as the St Andrew’s Cross, stocks, over door restraints or perhaps with the leg spreader and cuffs or any combination of my choosing. Please note the dungeon furniture is not set up at my current location but other restraints are available.