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Longer Delights

Hampshire Sensual Massage

Pamper Days ~ 5 TO 7 HOURS, £500

Sometimes you simply have a need to get away from it all and be pampered by someone who has your pleasure and well-being as their number one priority.

I would love to be that “someone” and I invite you to spend between 5 and 7 hours during the day with me (between 10am and 9pm). We can relax and just do what takes our fancy.

A shared shower is an ideal way to get to know each other. I would soap you down before applying a body scrub but be prepared for cheeky strokes and caresses arousing your desire and anticipation of the day ahead of us.

I could continue teasing you as I lead you into my boudoir for unhurried pleasures of a close and personal tie and tease where I gently restrain and blindfold you before I explore your naked body as desperately try not to react but find yourself failing abysmally.

If you would like a little time to relax, I could draw you a luxurious bubble bath and after allowing you a little time to wind down I would help sponging you down concentrating on those intimate areas.

If a bath doesn’t appeal a quick shower may be welcome to freshen up or depending on how open you are to being teased a longer shower!

If your pleasure is kink, we can indulge and experiment or perhaps it is something you would like to experience for the first time lingering on your enjoyments.

This is optional and only if it is your desire to do so, I could tempt you to dress experience the sensations of ladies’ lingerie against your skin, the tug of the suspender belt pulled by stockings, or the feel of your feet encased in sexy heels teaching you how to wiggle those hips before rubbing up against you to feel the satin of the clothing you are wearing. Not for you? No problem at all as I have a creative nature and our journey of pleasure can take a turn that is more for you.

Alternatively, we could retreat to my therapy room once you are contentedly exhausted to enjoy a range of massage experiences delivered by my expert hands.
There of course will be a need for sustenance to re-energise you in the form of a picnic on the bed. If you prefer, we could don on dressing gowns and give domestication in the kitchen a whirl as we rustle up something warm together. Who knows what manner of tasting techniques we could devise or indeed how messy we will be.

You will end the day feeling relaxed, sated, contented and pleasantly exhausted following a day of light-hearted companionship, lots of giggles with a generous helping of intimate stimulation from a connection of erotic pleasures.

My fee for a pamper day is a set fee of £500 irrespective: of whether you leave at 5 hours or allow me to keep you for the full 7 hours, or any duration in between; or indeed any of activities we enjoy together.

If you find it impossible to find a full day to escape call me to discuss and hopefully arrange a shorter “Pamper” letting me know which areas excite you and the duration you are looking for and let’s see what we can arrange.

Flirtatious Social Date ~ tailored to your requirements (social time £50 per hour plus pampering delight of your choice as per this website)

A social date is perfect for the gentleman who prefers to relax and enjoy good company with intelligent conversation interspersed with flirtatious teasing before retreating to my place to be pampered.

Our social time could be spent enjoying a leisurely walk, even jumping in puddles if the urge takes us, before stopping off for a warming drink.

Perhaps you would prefer to visit a gallery, the theatre or a music venue. I could accompany you to a spa or even visit a sporting event with you (spectator rather than participator) but please be kind enough to give me a brief summary of the game rules so I can understand and enjoy the event with you.

Dining out is also an option but please be tolerant of the fact I have numerous serious allergies and intolerances which are likely to limit the choice of eatery.

When we retreat to my place, we could commence your pampering with a shared shower and body scrub leading to a wonderfully relaxing full body massage before I tease you to completion. Alternatively, any of the delights on my extensive website would be available.

Please ensure you know the date, time and what you have in mind before contacting me as it would be a waste of both our time to arrange events and then not be able to match diaries. To assist you in the logistics my social time is £50 per hour or part hour with you taking care of any expenses while we were out and about. The rate for the pampering element of our date is noted on this website.

Companion ~ £50 per hour or part hour of social time

Gents often ask to meet socially or attend events or spas with them, so I have added a nonsexual social companion experience to my repertoire. If you wish me to accompany for a work/family/social event as your +1, dinner, theatre, cinema, spa, coffee meet, walk etc my rate is £50 per hour or part hour in the local area.

If you wish me to travel further afield, please contact me with full details and I will be happy to provide you with details of my fee. Please note that this is social time which incorporates charming and intelligent conversation with a splattering of flirting and inuendo and companionship but nothing more.

If the event you have in mind requires an overnight stay, I may consider it but please note I require a separate hotel room with en suite facilities.