Achoo ~ Bless You…

Does anyone say “bless you” when someone sneezes anymore?  I do but I don’t hear it from others.

Why do we say “bless you”, well a quick google search has enlightened me with the theory it was from the plague when a Pope suggested people say “God Bless You” if someone sneezed in the hope that they would be saved from near certain death.   Another suggestion is that is it superstition.  I remember when I was little being told you sneezed because the devil was trying to get out of you lol.

So why all the talk of sneezing.  I’m down with a cold and feeling pretty sorry for myself.  Hopefully this will get the winter cold out of the way and give me some immunity against others.  I really don’t fance sneezing my way through winter.  Gents please do NOT book if you are down with a cold or anything else contageous, not only do I not want it but neither do my other lovely visitors.

I am now taking advance bookings for Wednesday afternoon when I will be back.  I’m looking forward to working my magic on you without coughing and spluttering all over you.  lol

Adele x