Focussed on you…

Hello Gentlemen

I’ve been neglectful of updating and giving you insights of life in my wonderful world of relaxing pleasures.

For those of you that have read my website you will have grasped that I don’t offer you the opportunity to swing from the chandeliers doing a rendition of Tarzan while thumping your chest.  I’m having a cold sweat at the thought; I don’t think my “light shades” could cope with that.  What I do offer is a safe and calm environment for you to relax while I work my magic on your stressed muscles while your mind is allowed to float away from daily pressures.  I will then take you on a journey of pleasure.

With my massages you don’t get what is colloquially referred to as “rub and tug”.  Think along the lines of sensual strokes, gentle tingles, fingertips massaging of your delicate areas, cupping of certain areas and maybe a gentle stretching.  I adapt my techniques to suit your reactions and preferences.  No script or set routines here gents.  It’s all about you, after all you are an important and respected individual who deserves my full attention while you are here.

If you can fully relax and appear open to the idea, I may also talk you through relaxing breathing techniques to assist you in reaching a heightened climax.  It’s incredible to be a part of you achieving the intense climax if you are receptive to the technique.

I’m often asked if I have an upper age limit and if I am happy to see gents with erectile dysfunction (“ED”).  I am happy to see respectful gents of 35 and above no upper age limit but please be open and honest regarding any health and/or mobility issues so I can ensure you get the most out of your time with me.  ED – no problem.  Put any performance anxiety right out of your mind.  I focus on your relaxation and the wonderful sensations you will experience at my hand.  There is no race to a stereotypical ending, it’s all about the journey of sensations with absolutely no pressure.

There are a million ways to get to the finish line and all of them have beautiful, meaningful, insane and amazing moments.

Adele x