New location Dec 2023 ~ A general guide to my availability in Fareham for discreet, reliable gentlemen (updated 4th January)…

Hello Gents

As of December 2023 I am beased in a lovely discreet property (well as discreet as you are)  on the outskirts of Fareham just near junction 9, M27.  Below is a general guide to when I may break away from my other commitments to see you.  The more notice you can give the more likely I am able to jiggle my diary to accomodate you:

Now taking bookings for Tuesday, 16th January 2024 and onwards.  If you would like to be advised of any cancellations before then please drop me an email (text if I already know you).

Tuesday ~ between 10am and 6pm, Tuesday

Thursday ~ between 10am and 9pm

Friday ~ between 10am and 9pm

Weekends ~ Please see below the next weekend I will be available:

Saturday, 6th January ~ fully booked

Sunday, 7th January ~ limited availability between 11am and 8pm


Sadly, due to the current habit of unrealiability and in some instances down right rudeness that has hit all sectors of the economy, not just the adult industry, I now only take on the day arrangements unless you secure your booking with a 50% deposit made by bank transfer, see below.  To give you an idea of how awful the unreliability culture is 9 out of 10 gents who I haven’t met before who I allow to book in advance without a deposit let me down, they simply forget their manners they surely learnt as little tadpoles and just disappear.  This is one of the reasons why ladies in this industry partake in the real-time system to alert others of these diary blockers that damage ladies’ businesses and prevent genuine gents from booking in.

There are of course exceptions to every rule and my one exception is for gentlemen  who are able to pay a deposit as that helps focus the mind.  The deposit will be the greater of 50% of the fee or £50 via bank transfer into my discreetly named business account.  If my utility providers, landlord etc accepted gift card payment so would I but sadly they don’t so deposit is by bank transfer only.  Please note the deposit is non-refundable unless I have to cancel.  I may, if you give at least 24 hours notice of a cancellation and are able to rebook a mutually convenient date at the same time you cancel, allow the deposit to be carried forward, but once only.

I will look forward to my magic hands roaming.

Adele x