Upmarket service so please no downmarket men!

Hello to the lovely gentlemen of Fareham, this blog isn’t for you.

However, to the less than savoury individuals please read on…

In over a decade I have only ever had to show 2 gents the door due to their undesirable behaviour.  It is with utter horror and disgust that I have have to report that this weekend that number doubled to 4!  Two unsavouries in one weekend!!!!  What is wrong with some people?

No I hadn’t failed to correctly screen these people… they came across as normal human beings but waited until arrival to show their true colours.

I will just point out that I take part in the real-time alert system and do not hesitate to put the relevant information out their for other ladies to see and of course the authorities to monitor.

If you are of dubious character please trot on by I’m not interested in your dramas and without exception don’t tolerate any nonsense.

The true gentlemen who are respectful and excude positive energy are such good fun to entertain and will always be welcome.

Adele x